GTFO is coming to Steam Early Access on December 9th

10 Chambers Collective has announced that GTFO will be coming to Steam Early Access on December 9th. GTFO is a 4 player co-op action/horror FPS aimed at hardcore gamers. Moreover, the game draws inspiration from James Cameron’s Aliens and Left 4 Dead.

To survive down in the terrifying underground Complex where the game takes place, your team needs to communicate and coordinate. Ammunition will be scarce in this game, therefore you’d rather try to go stealth than fire your weapons.

You play as scavengers held captive by an entity called “The Warden”. The Warden will task your team with a work order that includes different objectives to carry out inside the Complex. This work order is represented by The Rundown, which is the menu you are presented with when you launch GTFO. The Rundown is divided into different tiers; the deeper you go into the Complex, the harder the expeditions get.

When time runs out, the Rundown and its objectives get replaced by new ones. The previous Rundown is wiped and won’t be playable anymore. By using this system, 10 Chambers Collective are able to keep GTFO dynamic while also compelling the game’s community to focus on a common set of expeditions. Gamers will be always able to come back to GTFO for fresh new challenges that they can take on with their friends.