GTAIV – Desert Storm Map may be one of the coolest GTA IV mods; buries Liberty City in… sand

You gotta love modders and mappers. You see, the reason why we need mod tools is because PC gamers can come up with some amazing ideas. Take for example nine30’s Desert Storm Map. This map buries Liberty City in sand and makes the game quite enjoyable. Remember how much fun you had running and jumping in Motocross Madness? Well, this map brought those feelings back to us. This is pure, mind-less fun and we highly recommend downloading and enjoying it yourselves.
Not only that, but this project will definitely remind you of Spec Ops: The Line, though there aren’t any sandstorms to behold. Or FUEL. Or Motocross Madness. Or any other game where you can have fun with a pair of wheels in a big city that is buried in sand.
Those interested can download the map from here.
YouTube’s member ‘Insanegaz’ has captured some footage from this map that can be viewed below. We should note that Insanegaz disabled the traffic and crowd in this video, as he wanted to be the only one left. So fear not everyone, the map is not as empty as it looks in this footage.
Enjoy and happy gaming everyone!