GTA V PC Hinted By The Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

Grand Theft Auto V v4

Well look what we’ve got here. Guru3D’s member ‘kn00tcn’ has just discovered a profile for the latest part of Rockstar’s title in the latest BETA drivers of AMD. As we can clearly see, AMD has added a profile for GTA V, meaning that a PC version is almost certain at this point.

Yes yes, there is the possibility of a profile being present as a placeholder. However, this profile was not present in some earlier drivers, meaning that there is definitely something going on in the background. It’s also a strong evidence for the PC version of GTA V, though let’s not forget that Halo 3 was also found in AMD’s Catalyst drivers and is nowhere to be found.

In short, GTA V PC has not been confirmed, however it’s definitely hinted by the latest AMD Catalyst drivers.

As ‘knootcn’ noted:

just hex edit the blb and go to 0x19130 and 0x19b88 locations for your own proof

<application Title=”Grand Theft Auto V” File=”GTA5.exe”>
<use Area=”PXDynamic”>HighPerfGPUAffinity</use>

Special thanks to our reader ‘Inhuman’ for informing us.

Enjoy a GTA V video from our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’and stay tuned for more!

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