GTA IV – Iron Man 3 Mark XVII Heartbreaker Armor Mod Available Now

GTA IV Iron Man
Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has informed about yet another Iron Man mod for GTA IV. Created by modder ‘quechus13’ this mod brings Iron Man’s Mark XVII Heartbreaker Armor to Rockstar’s open world title. This mod uses julio’s Iron Man script, and you can find the download links (for both of them) below, as well as some installation instructions and a video.
You can download julio’s Iron Man script from here, and quechus13’s armor from here.
Iron Man 3 Mark XVII Heartbreaker Armor Mod Installation:
1- Open Open IV and Open componentpeds.img
2- Replace the ped you want

How to install Heartbreaker Menu Picture:

You will need the Iron Man IV mod for this to work.
Rename the PNG picture included to the desired mark armor to replace from the mod which should be in the Iron Man Files folder on your scripts folder.

Now just replace the iron man armor included on this rar and you should be good to go.”

Grand Theft Auto IV - Iron Man 3 Mark XVII Armor "Heartbreaker" (MOD) HD