GRID 2 – Cockpit Viewpoint Comes To The PC Version Thanks To Modders

Grid 2 v3
Ah, the beauty of mods. Remember when Codemasters announced that GRID 2 would not feature a cockpit viewpoint? Well, behold the power of modders. GRID 2 has just been released, and some modders have already messed up with it in order to enable a cockpit viewpoint. And ironically, this viewpoint is available right now, only one day after the game’s release. Hooray.
Truth be told, this mod is still in early development and there are still some issues that need to be addressed. For example, the interior textures are awful, and the wheels are as bad as they can possibly get. Naturally, Codemasters did not pay attention to such features (as normally gamers would not have access to them), so at this point we can only hope for a high-res texture pack.
Still, it’s a step towards the right direction and at least we have a working cockpit viewpoint.
Those interested can get this mod from here. RaceDepartment’s members have been experimenting with a number of camera mods, however the one that is currently available is the one based on the first GRID game.
As user GRIDmarks revealed:
“Ok I can now confirm that the old camera mod works with GRID 2. If anyone wants to use it, choose a cameras.xml file out of the mod I posted above and copy/paste it into each car models folder, replacing the original. (I used the Lamborghini one, in folder ‘Lam’ in the mod files) MAKE SURE TO CREATE A BACK UP OF ALL YOUR CAR/MODEL FOLDERS FIRST”
Enjoy and stay tuned for our Performance Analysis!
GRID 2 Cockpit Camera Mod

Grid 2 cockpit mod