War Thunder Will Be The First Next-Gen Title With Cross-Platform Support Between PS4 & PC

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War Thunder is a pretty cool F2P game, that is currently in an open beta phase on the PC. Gaijin Entertainment, the development team behind it, is willing to bring this title on the PS4 and even though the console version will look better than the PC one, the company will offer cross-platform support between these two versions.
In an interview with PSLS, Anton Yudintsev, President and CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, revealed that there will be interconnectivity between the PS4 and PC versions of War Thunder, and that this is one of the main reasons why Gaijin decided to port the game to Sony’s console.
“Currently, Sony’s PS4 is the most open platform, open to allow us to find a way that War Thunder players can get their game on cross-platform which is really cool and something the industry has lacked for years.”
Now this cross-platform feature may not be what most of us are thinking of. Yudintsev may be referring to simply using the same accounts on both platforms, and not offering the ability to PC gamers to battle PS4 gamers. In other words, PS4 gamers may be using global profiles – while playing War Thunder: Ground Forces. After playing the game, their new stats may be transferred to the PC version.
It’s not clear yet what kind of cross-platform functionality War Thunder will offer to gamers, meaning that we’ll have to wait and see what Gaijin has in store for us.
In other news, Gaijin does not plan to overhaul the PC version’s visuals to match those that will be featured in the PS4 version.
Here is a gameplay video of War Thunder, courtesy of YouTube’s member ‘KrebsCOHO’. Enjoy!
War Thunder - 20 Kill Beast Game