Grand Theft Auto V’s PC Petition Surpasses 300K Signs, Next Goal Is 500K

Grand Theft Auto V v3
It seems that the PC petition of GTA V is going strong, as it has just managed to gather 300K supporters. GTA V’s PC petition currently has almost three times the number of Dark Souls PC supporters; a petition that made Namco Bandai bend to the will and demands of PC gamers. The next goal of GTA V’s PC petition is 500K, a number that seems unlikely to hit.
Rockstar has not announced anything yet about a possible PC version of GTA V. Still, the company did not deny one, so we can be almost certain that it will hit the PC at a later date. After all, GTA IV was huge on the PC and is still on the spotlight thanks to some amazing mods.
GTA V is currently planned for a September 17th release on PS3 and X360.
Those interested can sign up the petition here.
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