Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 3 Million Copies On Steam

Grand Theft Auto V was a pleasant surprise when it was released. Although the PC version was delayed, Rockstar managed to offer a really polished and optimized game. And according to SteamSpy’s data, the game has managed to hit 3 million sales on Valve’s┬ádigital platform.


The interesting part here is that GTA V is also offered via Rockstar’s Social Club, so these are not the game’s overall PC sales. For comparison purposes, GTA IV has sold 3.6 million copies on Steam. And from the looks of it, GTA V will surpass it.

The only downside here is that the game’s modding community is not as active as the one in GTA IV. Whether this has anything to do with Rockstar’s new DRM or not remains to be seen.

Here is hoping that we’ll get more Texture Packs and mods in the coming months!