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Grand Theft Auto V – Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul Mod Aims To Improve Physics

Modder ‘MiGGousT’ is currently working on a Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto V. This mod aims to improve the game’s physics and bring them closer to the standards set by GTA IV (believe it or not, GTA IV had better Euphoria ragdoll physics than GTA V).

This is still a WIP project, meaning that there are bugs and issues that have not been resolved yet. Despite that, a new version of this mod was released to the public, and can be downloaded from here.

Here are the key features of the mod according to its author:

  • Targets will try to balance much longer if they’re alive after shot
  • Targets grab and hold where they’re hurt and try to balance at the same time (Much like RDR), neck shots look extremely brutal ’cause of this when peds try to stop the bleeding with their hands
  • Shooting someones leg now reproduces correct reaction from them, trying to balance but eventually collapsing if hurt enough
  • Targets can enter a shock-state when shot in chest
  • No more weird force shit when blasting someone up-close (Shotgun to face for example lifted target of the ground to create that “Hollywood” effect)
  • Chance to drop on knees on death and stay there for a while
  • Armed individuals will sometimes enter “last stand” and shoot you when balancing (Even with two handed weapons)
  • Shooting in the gut can cause tension in the body to deal with the immense pain
  • Headshots are usually insta-ragdoll but with a chance of leg twitching, body tension, grabbing the wound
  • Better electrocuted effect, no more insta dropping and twitching but now targets will try to balance the muscle shock
  • Running peds over look more natural as they don’t auto-roll over the car
  • Better bracing for impact reaction
  • Melee now looks much better with this new “grab where it hurts”-reaction, stabbing especially
  • Explosion make targets try and cover their heads from the blast, putting their hands above their head
  • And pushing people is now more easier and their balance is better
  • Probably a lot of shit I forgot, watch the video and pics and you see what I mean


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