Ghostrunner 2 feature

Ghostrunner 2 PC demo is now available for download

505 Games and One More Level have released a PC demo for their upcoming hardcore FPP slasher that is set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future, Ghostrunner 2.

In this demo, players will face wicked cultists led by a terrifying threat in battles that take place inside the sinister Dharma Tower and deal death at high speed by hopping on protagonist Jack’s motorcycle.

Ghostrunner 2 will feature a revamped progression system,  allowing veterans and newcomers alike to face challenging encounters with an increased focus on approachability. Furthermore, the game will have a new ‘block and perfect’ parry system.

It’s also worth noting that the game’s level design is more versatile, with multiple ways to play. Boss fights will be more interactive, giving players freedom to choose how to survive battles against the toughest opponents. Additionally, there will be a new dialog system that will allow players the choice to dive deeper into the game’s lore and plot.

Players can also expect many new enemy types and new interactive environments. As such, expect exploding barrels, destructible walls, neutral entities that can help the player, and more gameplay improvements.

You can download the PC demo for Ghostrunner 2 from Steam or Epic Games Store.

Lastly, 505 Games will release Ghostrunner 2 on PC on October 26th.

Have fun!

Ghostrunner 2 Demo Trailer (ESRB) - Demo Available Now!