GDC Europe 2013 – Gunpoint, Ubisoft and QA gamification talks added

GDC Europe 2013
GDC Europe 2013 organizers have announced more talks for its August event, featuring a talk on the lessons behind designing IGF finalist Gunpoint, Ubisoft on improving the UX of development tools, and Automation’s producer on gamifying beta-testing.
The event will take place Monday through Wednesday, August 19th-21st at the Cologne Congress-Centrum Ost in Cologne, Germany – just ahead of (and co-located with) the massive 275,000 person Gamescom event, with all GDC Europe passes also guaranteeing entrance to Gamescom.
Ubisoft UX director David Lightbown, who has worked on the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises, will show how to improve efficiency in ‘The User Experience of Game Development Tools.’ Lightbown believes the industry needs to make UX of tools a priority so that their pipeline is “focused on accomplishing the goals of the content creators,” and attendees will learn techniques to apply to their own existing tools to make this happen.
Elsewhere, long-time PC Gamer writer-turned-developer Tom Francis will share ‘How Reviewing Games for Nine Years Helped in Designing Gunpoint’ as part of the Indie Games Summit. While focusing on the results for his IGF-nominated stealth puzzler (pictured), he will also impart how to pick apart and what to learn from both enjoyable and detestable games.
Current models for closed alpha or beta testing are not very productive,” claimed Camshaft producer Robert Hoischen, who is working on the upcoming car company tycoon game, Automation. In ‘Gamification in Software Testing and QA’, he will discuss a year’s worth of experimenting with ‘POMMS’ (Project-Oriented Modular Motivational System), which uses elements of gamification to maximize the productivity of community-based testing and QA.
The vast majority of the talks for GDC Europe have now been revealed, with over 75 lectures already available to view, and the official event schedule will be arriving in the near future.