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Galactic Civilizations III – Latest patch brings AI tweaks, balance adjustments & performance improvements

Stardock has released a new update for both Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade, and Galactic Civilizations III. The update includes new missions and promotions, balance adjustments, and more for Crusade and AI improvements and bug fixes for the base game.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said:

“We haven’t forgotten about the hundreds of thousands of players who are still enjoying the base game. The entire underlying system in Crusade was re-written to support the new economy in the expansion. Since the base game keeps the same system it’s had, we simply made some adjustments and improvements to the diplomacy, balance, and pacing of the game to make it substantially better than it was in v2.1.”

Galactic Civilization III’s v2.3 patch addresses complaints, suggestions, and crash reports that have been received over the last few months. Substantial adjustments to both Galactic Civilizations III and Crusade have been made in order to improve the experience for the entire player base.

The improvements to Crusade include:

  • New Content: New missions for galactic exploration and a new “Mogul” promotion have been added.
  • AI Improvements: The AI is substantially better at managing domestic affairs (improvements, economy, etc.), as well as issues abroad (waging war, exploration, etc.).
  • Game Balance: Many adjustments to the game’s balance through changes to missions, bonuses, ideology, and more.
  • Bug Fixes: These corrections adjust bugs and crashes that have been reported by the Stardock community.

The improvements to the base Galactic Civilizations III game include:

  • Diplomacy: The AI is much better at bargaining with players and makes more intelligent trade offers.
  • Balance: A balance pass on planetary improvements now gives them an increased effect on gameplay, though it has also made them more expensive. Adjustments have also been made to the cost of specialty vessels such as constructors or colony ships.
  • Galaxy Setup: More anomalies are available to explore early on in the game than there were before. The number of planets, stars, and habitable planets have also been substantially increased.
  • Performance: Some of the optimizations for Crusade have been ported over to create faster turn times and improve the general framerate.
  • AI: The AI has been improved to be able to play more intelligently, especially during times of war.