Frozenbyte announces strategy/action hybrid with a roguelike twist, Has-Been Heroes

Frozenbyte, creators of the Trine series, has announced a new strategy and action game with a roguelike twist, Has-Been Heroes. Has-Been Heroes is currently planned for a March release and in order to celebrate this announcement, Frozenbyte released its first trailer that can be viewed below.

In Has-Been Heroes, players will embark on an epic journey to… take the twin princesses to school. Players will unlock and collect hundreds of game-changing items and spells, combine spells and face countless monsters.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Meet the epic band of heroes as the young and eager Rogue, joining the company of the tall-telling Bard, the Anthropologist turned Mexican Wrestler, a gentle Robot with a fascinatingly chirpy personality, the diamond-seeking Dwarf, the ever-vigilant and paranoid Sheikh, and many more…
  • Unlock and collect hundreds of game-changing items and spells, boosting the heroes’ powers and making each run unique!
  • Combine spells such as the fiery Burning Blade and poison-infecting Baleful Breeze for devastating effects, learning the power of magic as you gain more elements.
  • Face countless monsters from smelly-breath skeletons to zombies and evil spirits, each bigger and more menacing than the next. Can you wipe out the army of evil led by the Great Ghoul?
  • In roguelike fashion, death is permanent – but you will get another chance! Choose your heroes and tactics wisely, and prepare for battle!
Has-Been Heroes Announcement Trailer