PlayStation 4 feature

fpPS4 is yet another Playstation 4 emulator for PC, available for download

Developer red-prig has released a new Playstation 4 emulator for the PC, called fpPS4. According to reports, fpPS4 is an open-source PS4 emulator, and currently runs two commercial games. These two games are Sonic Mania and We Are Doomed.

fpPS4 is the fourth Playstation 4 emulator that has appeared online. The other three are Kyty, Spine and GPCS4. All four emulators are in a very early stage, so don’t expect to emulate any of the triple-A PS4 games on your PC anytime soon. Nevertheless, it’s cool witnessing more emulators popping out.

You can download fpPS4 from here or here.

fpPS4 requires a 64bit operating system, an x64 CPU that supports AVX2, and a GPU that supports the Vulkan API.

Have fun!

Testing fpPS4 Latest Build, A PS4 Emulator for PC