First HD Texture Pack for Shenmue is now available for download

The Shenmue I&II collection has just been released on the PC and as you may have guessed, it features a lot of low-resolution and blurry textures. Thankfully, modder ‘Drogean’ is currently working on a HD Texture pack for it and has released its first version.

As the modder noted, this mod features recreated HD textures for environments (these new textures are not upscaled versions of the default textures). Right now, the textures featured are for the game’s large environmental areas.

So far, the modder has tweaked some existing Yamanose textures, added street texture for Dobuita, added Yamanose tree leaves/shrubs/bush sprites, reworked some of the road and grass textures, and added Yamanose patchy dirt and two brick wall textures.

This HD Texture Pack requires Kaldien’s Special K mod and those interested can download the pack from here. The modder has also released HD textures for Ryo’s clothes that you can download from here. Modder ‘hope3090’ has also released another HD Texture Pack for Shenmue that changes 7 textures walls and somes doors, and you can download it from here.

Drogean has also shared some comparison screenshots between the HD and the vanilla versions of Shenmue’s textures that you can find below (you can also find here a Live Comparison Preview).