Final Fantasy XV may get Vulkan support

Now here is something really interesting. According to its Steam database, Final Fantasy XV may get support for the Vulkan API in a future patch. Square Enix has not announced anything yet, though it did tweet NVIDIA’s upcoming pre-Gamescom “Be For The Game” event.

We do know that RTX supports Vulkan so could we be looking at some ray tracing RTX effects that will be handled by the Vulkan API? That would be sweet as the space screen reflections in Final Fantasy XV (and in other games) looked horrendous when via from specific angles.

Let’s also not forget that Final Fantasy XV is still a great looking game and that Square Enix has been collaborating closely with NVIDIA regarding this particular title. Implementing basic RTX effects in order to showcase the power of the new RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti is a possibility.

We’ll most probably find out more about whether Final Fantasy XV will receive a ray tracing patch on Monday. And even if that doesn’t happen, we can assume that the game will run better once Square Enix implements the Vulkan renderer!