Fans resurrect Super Mario Bros Royale as a free open-source project, available to play

Two weeks ago, we informed you about a free fan Battle Royale game based on Nintendo’s classic 8-bit Super Mario Bros game. Nintendo was quick to react and took it down a week later and even though its creator made some adjustments to avoid any future copyright claim, Nintendo kept shutting it down. This act forced a few fans of the game to resurrect the original version and release it as a free open-source project.

What this ultimately means is that there is a playable free open-source version of Super Mario Bros Royale, known as Mario Royale, available now to play. Since this is open-source, Nintendo will not be able to easily shut it down this time around, though it remains to be seen whether the big N will threat or blame the game’s original creator for this new open-source version.

In case you weren’t aware of, Mario Royale is a full recreation of the classic Super Mario Bros game on the PC that works on every browser. In Mario Royale, 100 players start simultaneously and while they do not directly interact with each other, they can break blocks, steal powerups, and attack other players with Koopa shells.

It’s a pretty cool concept, though it remains to be seen how long it will stay online.

This new open-source version is based on the 2.1.3 version which adds and fixes menu music & lobby music, allows sprites now use the original NES pallette, and fixes most sprite bugs.

Those interested can play Mario Royale here.

Have fun!