Nintendo takes down Mario Royale, new alpha version released without any Nintendo references

Well, it was bound to happen. A few days ago, we informed you about a fan-made Mario game that turned Super Mario Bros into a battle royale game. As we predicted in that article, Nintendo would – sooner or later – shut down this fan game and yesterday its creator announced that he has received a DMCA letter from the big N.

Now while InfernoPlus has removed all Nintendo characters, levels and references from his fan game, he does intend to release a brand new version of it. This version will not feature any Nintendo characters, will have brand new art style and characters, and will be similar – in gameplay mechanics – with Mario Royale.

This new battle royale game is now called Infringio Royale or DMCA Royale, and its latest version is V2.0.0 alpha. InfernoPlus claimed that he and his team will try to fix the game over the next few days.

Infringio/DMCA Royale will still remain a free browser game, and there are currently more than 1000 players online. Like most battle royale games, a single match/stage/level supports up to 100 players and while players won’t be able to directly interact with each other, they will be able to interact with the environment and set traps for other players.

Those interested can play the game by visiting its official website, and let me tell you that it’s still enjoyable even with its placeholder graphics.

Have fun!