Fan creates a Super Mario Bros Battle Royale PC game that is completely free on your browser right now

Battle royale is the next big thing in video-games as more and more developers add this type of multiplayer to their games. Now while some hate this new trend, we have to say that we were shocked to learn that a fan has created a freeware version of the classic NES version of Super Mario Bros on the PC that allows multiple gamers to play simultaneously, called Mario Royale.

Mario Royale is created by “InfernoPlus” and is described as a fully recreation of the classic Super Mario Bros game on the PC that works on every browser, is free to play, and is available right now on its official website.

Now I’m not sure whether Nintendo will allow such a thing as InfernoPlus is basically offering the NES game for free (even if it has been recreated and even if it has a really cool concept behind it). As such, we strongly suggest playing it while you still can.

InfernoPlus spent three weeks creating Mario Royale which is written in HTML5 and uses a Java server back-end, and the game even has controller support.

In Mario Royale, players do not directly interact with each other, however they can break blocks, steal your powerups, and can attack you with Koopa shells.

Mario Royale sounds great and you can start playing it by visiting its official website here.

Have fun!

I made Super Mario Bros into a Battle Royale