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Fable and Perfect Dark Twitter accounts discovered, registered to Microsoft emails [UPDATE]

It appears that Microsoft will reveal a new Fable and Perfect Dark game at its July event. Earlier today, two Twitter placeholder accounts were discovered. One is for Fable while the other one is for Perfect Dark. Not only that, but both of them are registered to Microsoft email addresses.

Now what’s really important to note is that these Microsoft email addresses are NOT hotmail addresses. Instead, they are emails from Microsoft itself. At least the one for the Fable account. Regarding the Perfect Dark account, that email may not be a Microsoft email.

What’s also interesting to note is that we’ve heard rumors about these two games in the past. Back in February, a rumor surfaced regarding Fable 4. However, the artist debunked those Fable 4 rumors, claiming that he had no relationship with Playground Games.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced them yet, it appears that this will happen during its first-party Xbox Series X games event. Naturally, these games will also come out on the PC.

Now as always, we strongly suggest taking these Twitter accounts with a grain of salt. While it seems likely that these are fake, someone could have faked everything. As such, we’re marking this as a rumor. At least for now.

Stay tuned for more!


Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, claimed that these registrations were made in order to secure social handles for Microsoft’s IPs.


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