Eurogamer amends Robert Florence’s article about Geoff Keighley after threat of legal action

Man, things are not looking good for writers working on all triple-A gaming sites. Yesterday, Eurogamer posted Rob Florence’s opinion piece about Geoff Keighley, video game journalism, Doritos and Mountain Dew. Naturally, this topic got hot immediately and a lot of people accused Robert for his article. What followed then, though, surprised most of us, as Eurogamer decided to amend Robert’s article.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the original piece of Robert, so we can’t really see what has been changed. Robert expressed his disappointment on his Twitter account as some folks called him a “piece of shit“, an “arrogant troll” and that he will have to be wary of “enemies” if he attends any games PR events. Wow, so much hate for a simple opinion piece.
Robert then revealed that ‘the mechanics of PR are truly insidious‘ and that he was ‘utterly staggered by today’s events‘. A lot of people wondered what Robert was talking about and in a shocking turn of events, the writer unveiled – a couple of hours ago – that Eurogamer has amended his opinion piece.
Robert then stated that he will be no longer doing the columns for Eurogamer due to this and that Eurogamer was not to be blamed of. Robert admitted that the threat of legal action brought unbelievable pressure to the Eurogamer team and that he was clear on who the bad guys were in this whole thing. In other words, Robert blamed the PR people and two specific games journalists that were removed from his article… or that’s what we get from all those encrypted messages.
You can read Florence’s original article here (thanks to our reader Sabin Figaro) and his amended article here.