Primal Carnage – Hitting Stores This Monday

Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media are very happy to announce that Primal Carnage will be shipping to PCs everywhere on Monday, October 29th. Reverb Publishing has provided with a beta key a couple of days ago and we had the opportunity to test it. In all honesty, we had mixed feelings about this title. And here is why…
You see, Primal Carnage is what most Jurassic Park fans have been waiting for. Gorgeous, detailed dinosaurs that can cause havok and chaos, in a multiplayer arena where each and every one of them is essential. There is a nice balance between the dinos and the humans, however the game suffers from some technical issues. When it works, Primal Carnage is F’ing amazing. However, we’ve experienced a lot of lag in servers with 160ms (for comparison purposes, we did not experience any lag at all in GRAW2 even when we were joining servers with 220ms latency) and after an update, we could not even start the game as we got crashes whenever we were attempting to join a server.
We also don’t know whether the – somehow – limited number of available attacks will have a negative impact on the game itself (in the long run). If Lukewarm can add more attacks in the coming months and iron the technical problems, Primal Carnage could very well be one of the most enjoyable MP experiences of this year.
In case you were unaware of, in Primal Carnage dinosaurs take centre stage in this class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring combat between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with hordes of some of the most vicious beasts ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the human classes utilising an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake.
Primal Carnage can be pre-ordered now at the Primal Carnage website, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain.