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Elite: Dangerous – Second Beta Phase Launches September 30th

Frontier Developments today announced the release date of Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 as September 30th. According to the press release, this new beta build will come with a host of improvements and optimizations including additional rock, ice and metal planetary ring types, a lot more music and some optional ‘simulator’ tutorials.

Elite: Dangerous Beta 2 is a major gameplay upgrade to the Beta, and here are its key features:

-Combat ratings from ‘Harmless’ all the way up to ‘Elite’.
-Reputations per system and galaxy-wide that influence attitudes and prices offered to you.
-Ability to discover and explore and scan new systems and sell the data on them.
-Detailed system maps.
-Around 500 additional star systems to explore.
-Lakon Asp Explorer ships added.
-Much greater variety of upgradable Life Support modules, Engines, -Hyperdrives, Power Distributors, Sensors, Shield Generators and Cargo Racks for all ships.
-Ships are subject to gradual ‘wear and tear’.
-New weapons including mines and a new non-lethal missile-deployed cargo hatch disruptor for piracy.
-Outposts (small, exposed ‘roadside café’ stations in remote locations)
-Occelus starports, a version of which can move around for early civilization of new systems and space tourism.
-Visibility of other ships in supercruise, and track others through supercruise and hyperspace.
-Newsfeeds about events from the rest of the galaxy and player activity in your local system.
-All backers names (from the appropriate crowd-funding reward tiers) have been added to the NPC naming database.

Good news for all multi-GPU owners too as this second beta will come with SLI/Crossfire and 4K resolution support.

David Braben, CEO of Frontier said:

“We are excited for people to start playing Beta 2 on 30 September – it’s another major step forward in development, and the team continues to work hard towards the full release later this year.”

Elite: Dangerous will be released in Q4 2014.