Mass Effect 2 feature

Electronic Arts offers Mass Effect 2 for free on Origin (for a limited time)

EA and BioWare are offering the second part of the Mass Effect series for free for a limited time. As such, PC gamers can head over at Origin and get their free copy of Mass Effect 2’s standard edition, and we strongly suggest doing it while you still can.

This free version of Mass Effect 2 features:

  • Cerberus Network
  • Normandy Crash Site
  • Zaeed
  • Arc Projector
  • Cerberus Weapon and Armor
  • Firewalker Pack
  • Soundtrack
  • Digital Art Books
  • Documentary

Now we are pretty sure that most of you already own the entire Mass Effect trilogy. However, if you are one of those that have not played any of these games yet, then you should simply stop whatever you’re doing and get your free copy of Mass Effect 2.

Those interested can get their free copy of Mass Effect 2 from here.

In Mass Effect 2, players step into the role of the Commander Shepard, and will command their crew on a suicide mission in space. Players will strategically select each member of their squad, all of whom have a direct impact on the direction of the story and the squad’s chances for survival. Players will select from a motley cast of characters including the newly revealed ‘Grunt’ – a blood-hungry Krogan.

Mass Effect 2 is considered by a lot of people as the best part of the Mass Effect trilogy, so make sure to play it.

Have fun!

Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer