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EA states that it will never use Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in FIFA, Madden or NHL

Electronic Arts has issued an official statement about its Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment. According to the publisher, while it does own a patent for DDA tech, it will never use it in FIFA, Madden or NHL.

As EA stated:

“While EA does own a patent for DDA technology, that technology never was in FIFA, Madden or NHL, and never will be.  We would not use DDA technology to give players an advantage or disadvantage in online multiplayer modes in any of our games and we absolutely do not have it in FIFA, Madden or NHL.”

EA has also stated that it does not use any scripting or DDA or anything similar that would automatically adjust the difficulty of gameplay in FIFA, Madden and NHL Ultimate Team matches.

In case you weren’t aware of, EA was recently challenged in a lawsuit that alleged it did use DDA in Ultimate Team modes. However, the plaintiffs have now dismissed their case as it appears that EA does not use it. EA provided them with detailed technical information and access to speak with its engineers, confirming the absence of such scripts or the DDA tech.