EA and DICE hint at an upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3

Good news for all Battlefield 3 fans as DICE and Electronic Arts are possibly working on a new DLC for Battlefield 3. Although the companies have not revealed any new info about it, they have stated that they are playtesting some impressive things in the Studio. Of course this does not mean that we’ll get an ETA any time soon, but it proves that DICE has something in store for us.
EA and DICE responded when a fan asked about an upcoming DLC and said:
“We haven´t announced our DLC plans just yet but we are playtesting some impressive things in the Studio”
This is basically a confirmation that a DLC is in the works. It seems that the recent uproar for Battlefield 3 paid off after all, as we now get – at least – some tips here and there, right?
Let’s also not forget that earlier last month, Daniel Matros has hinted about some new stuff that were under development. Our guess is that Matros was talking about the very same thing, though back then he couldn’t hint at what that stuff actually was.
The real question now is what those things could possibly be? Perhaps the rumored 2143 expansion or a Dino Pack? Or perhaps something entirely different? Oh man, a Dino pack would be awesome but… well… we can’t see it happening. Still though, we can dream about it.