Battlefield 3’s Daniel Matros clarifies: new stuff happening today, to be announced in a few weeks

Yesterday, we reported that some new stuff were hinted by Battlefield 3’s community manager, Daniel Matros. The way Daniel tweeted those new features, suggested that an announcement would be made yesterday. However, that’s not the case and Daniel decided to clarify his previous tweet. Therefore, DICE was indeed planning/creating some new stuff yesterday but they won’t be announced today or tomorrow.
As Daniel tweeted:
“New stuff happening as in “new stuff happening in the studio today that will be announced later on”.”
Daniel then clarified that we are still a few weeks away from it:
“We´re a few weeks away from it.”
What this new stuff could actually be? Word has it that it might be a Battlerecorder (aka a Spectator mode). Daniel hinted at it yesterday but, as always, nothing is certain at this point. What we do know for a fact, is that it will be something that people have been looking forward to. Some say that this might be a new DLC (or the rumored 2143 DLC), while others say that it might be the Dino Horde Mode.
Stay tuned for more!