DSOGaming Launches Official Steam Group and Curator

Hey folks, Spencer here. Since I came on board with DSO just a couple of weeks ago, John and myself have discussed a handful of ideas for the future of DSO. When John posted his editorial about the community’s GOTY and me joining the staff, he mentioned in passing some of the things we had discussed privately.

Amongst these was the idea that DSO should begin to curate on Steam and in the comments on his article, reception to the concept of starting up as a curator seemed positive. While we intend to do even more in the future, as of today we’ve launched our official Steam group and curator.

Going forward I also intend to put together a weekly twitch.tv stream (should you decide to give me a follow beforehand, my channel is here), it will be scheduled so all of you can know when it’s happening. At times when I end up playing online multi I may even try to organize games with you guys, our community and I really look forward to interacting with you all :).

My next major goal is a podcast for DSO, I did a podcast for over a year with a friend of mine focused on consoles, handhelds and PC gaming and loved it. Here of course, such a podcast would be PC exclusive!



Spencer joined us in early 2015, previously a console centric gamer he switched to PC a few years ago. He later helped push for an increase in Japanese content on PC with the #SEGAPCPorts campaign. Previously he ran a SEGA fansite as well as co-hosted a gaming podcast. He thinks Duke Nukem 3D is the best FPS of all time, his text message alert on his phone is literally Duke Nukem saying “Let God sort ’em out.” Contact: Email