Psychonauts 2 could happen if Double Fine’s Kickstarter hits $20MM

Imagine that. Double Fine’s Kickstarter has hit over 1 million dollars in less than a day for an adventure game. Double Fine have achieved their goal and since there are still 32 days, a lot of gamers began wondering a simple question; what would it take for Tim and his team to create Psychonauts 2? Would a possible increase of Double Fine’s Kickstarter revenue help fund it? According to Schafer, yes.
When a fan asked whether or not this adventure game could turn into Psychonauts 2, Tim Schafer said that the team would require $20MM – minus $1MM – in order to fund Psychonauts 2. In other words, Notch is not needed if this Kickstarter campaign reaches that goal.
In other news, Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign has passed the budget of Day of the Tentacle and is closing in on the Full Throttle budget ($1.5M). Make no mistake, this Kickstarter is the most successful so far and could very well hit the $20MM mark.
So, if you want to see Psychonauts 2, spread the word. It could happen guys!