Dragon Age: Inquisition – Proper Tactical Viewpoints Achieved Via Cheat Engine

While Dragon Age: Inquisition is undoubtedly a great game, let’s all agree on one thing; the default tactical view is a mess. It’s awful, way too zoomed in for a tactical camera, and can be disorienting. Thankfully, Cheat Engine’s member ‘olegbl’ has released a mod – via Cheat Engine – that allows for better and more useful tactical viewpoints.

Do note that this mod may get you into trouble if you use it for the game’s MP mode. After all, it’s based on Cheat Engine, therefore you should not be using it for your online matches.

As we’ve already said, this mod offers better tactical viewpoints, as well as a really close one for those interested in capturing close up images of their characters.

You can download this mod from here (naturally, you will also need Cheat Engine).


New Tactical View

New Scenic View

New Close Up View