Doom 3 marine screenshots

DooM: Revenge of Evil brings Doom 3 to GZDoom, demo available for download

Modder ‘DooMero’ has released a demo of his DooM: Revenge of Evil mod for GZDoom. This mod basically brings the aesthetics and visuals of Doom 3 into GZDoom and features new single-player levels.

Going into more details, Revenge of Evil takes place after the events of Doom 3 and features five, challenging, levels for the campaign of the first episode called “forces of evil”, as well as a sixth level that serves as the opening of the second episode called “requiem of evil.”

In order to play this mod, players will need the¬†doom2.wad and GZDooM (3.3.2. or newer version). Those interested can download the demo from here and once you have the mod installed properly in you GZDoom folder, you’ll need to extract the file GZROE5.rar and run the .bat file called “Revenge of Evil – GZDooM”, included with this file.

DooMero also noted that some of his beta testers problems with the translucence in the missiles or fireballs. If you encounter this issue, you can resolve it by either changing to GZDooM version 3.3.2. 2 or b opening the console and setting r_vanillatrans 0.

Have fun!