Doom Remake 4 is a Classic Doom fan remake featuring 3D models, PBR rendering, dynamic shadows & more

Doom fans, here is something for you. A team of modders has released a fan remake of the classic Doom game called Doom Remake 4. Now I know that Doom purists will hate this mod, however I strongly suggest keeping an open mind.

This fan remake of Classic Doom adds fresh features, like High Definition Textures with PBR materials, displacement parallax maps, dynamic lights, shaders and postprocessing effects. The new physically-based rendering (PBR) aims to bring a new stage of realism by allowing the light rays to interact with the given surface matter to the textures (for example the environment made of metal realistically shines as it would do in real life).

Now while this remaster/remake features new 3D models, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed with the enemy models and that’s because they look really dated. IIRC, these models were created a long time ago by a Doomworld artist. In my opinion, and since modders can now enhance the textures via ESRGAN, those wishing to replace the sprites with 3D models should offer something really extraordinary and that’s not the case here.

Doom Remake 4 also adds more brutality into the game, similar to what we’ve seen in Brutal Doom. As such, players will be able to disassemble corpses of the dead enemies.

So yeah, while this is a mixed bag (due to the dated 3D models), it’s a pretty cool fan remake that I’m pretty sure a lot of Doom fans will appreciate.

Those interested can download Doom Remake 4 from here, and below you can find some screenshots from it!