Doom – Quakecon Demo Displayed Visuals Really Close To Those Of The Pre-Rendered E3 Teaser Trailer

Since Doom was revealed behind closed doors – and as there is still no footage from it – a lot of gamers wondered whether the E3 teaser trailer packed in-game visuals or not. After all, Bethesda has never commented on whether the teaser trailer featured in-engine visuals or not. Well, according to Doomworld‘s members ‘GoatLord’ and ‘Caffeine Freak’ who attended Quakecon, Doom’s demo was pretty close to that E3 teaser trailer (graphics wise), though it did look exactly the same as that pre-rendered trailer.

Yes, we used the term ‘pre-rendered’ because it’s pretty obvious now that Doom’s E3 teaser trailer was pre-rendered. As GoatLord claimed, the game lacked some of the post-processing effects that were present in the teaser. Moreover, shadows looked way better on the teaser trailer, suggesting that even other details – like the polygon-count of the Cyberdemon model or the whole lighting/global illumination system – could be completely different.

Still, this does not mean that Doom looked bad or average. According to both GoatLord and Caffeine Freak, the visuals of Doom’s Quakecon demo were really close to those of the pre-rendered teaser trailer.

As GoatLord said:

I’d like to mention that the teaser trailer looks better than gameplay, but mostly in terms of post-processing effects such as depth of field. It was also clear the shadows were more meticulous. That said, gameplay didn’t look very downgraded from that. The overall detail was fairly close to the teaser.

Caffeine Freak stepped in – later on – and agreed with GoatLord’s comments, saying ‘Yeah, I echo this opinion. Gameplay was pretty close to the teaser, graphics wise.

It’s worth noting that Doom won’t be out until late 2015 (or should we say 2016), meaning that id Software may be able to come even closer to the visuals demonstrated by the game’s E3 teaser.

Let’s also not forget that Tiego Sousa, the man behind the amazing CRYENGINE, is currently working with id Software on both id Tech 6 and Doom.