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Doom Eternal Update 3 available for download and here are its full patch notes

Alongside the Ancient Gods DLS, id Software released a brand new update for Doom Eternal. Update 3 brings numerous tweaks, improvements and changes to Battlemode.

Going into more details, this update optimizes loot drops (ammo/health) for better network?performance. It also packs performance optimizations to improve network latency.

Patch 3 also comes with some PC-only fixes for Battlemode. For example, it fixes an issue where the Slayer’s speed in BATTLEMODE increased based on framerate. It also fixes aim assist for Marauders and Revenant dash to not be affected by framerate.

As always, Steam will download the Doom Eternal Update 3 the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Doom Eternal Patch 3 Release Notes

General Updates – for ALL platforms

Text and Voice Chat Prohibition system

  • Players who are reported by others for toxic language in voice or text chat will be notified that they are blocked from using those features
  • Report toxic players herePlease provide screenshots and or videos when possible.
General Updates – for PC Only

Automated crash dump generation

  • PC crashes dumps will automatically write to the following folder: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\id Software\DOOMEternal\Crash Dumps
New BATTLEMODE Updates for ALL platforms
  • Players can now invite other players through platform interfaces
  • Removed Ballista Destroyer Blade Mod and Plasma Rifle Microwave Mod from the Slayer’s inventory in BATTLEMODE
  • Optimized loot drops (ammo/health) for better network?performance
  • Additional performance optimizations to improve network latency
BATTLEMODE Fixes for ALL platforms
  • Fixed an issue causing the Super Shotgun to do more damage to a Demon player’s armored ability than intended
  • Fixed an issue preventing Demonic Onslaught from increasing the Marauder’s shotgun damage
  • Also fixed a bug that caused Sticky Bombs to unreliably attach and explode to enemies in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Shield Soldiers to spawn with their shields detached
  • Fixed a movement bug that caused Carcass and Cacodemon attacks to move the Slayer in the wrong direction
  • Also fixed a bug where the Demon Player HUD only displayed the first two digits of the cooldown timer for instant resurrect and team heal
  • Fixed an issue where Cacodemons sometimes failed to drop health when killed
  • Fixed an Arachnotron issue resulting in the Arachnotron’s turret occasionally failing to destroy when shot with the Precision Bolt, Sticky Bomb or Ballista
  • Also fixed animations in 1st person for when Demon players execute a ledge grab immediately after taking damage
  • Fixed a bug causing demon players to not receive their 4th round upgrade until the next round in some situations
BATTLEMODE Fixes for PC Only
  • Fixed an issue where the Slayer’s speed in BATTLEMODE increased based on framerate
  • Fixed a bug causing Lock-on rockets to not properly display damage feedback for demon players
  • Also fixed aim assist for Marauders to not be affected by framerate
  • Fixed Revenant dash to not be affected by framerate
  • Fixed an issue where weapon tracers would appear to pass through the Archvile’s flame wall
  • Also fixed Slayer’s weapon remaining in place when being killed mid-weapon swap
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a metallic sound to loop indefinitely during matches on Torment