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Doom Eternal has generated over $450 million in its first 9 months

Doom Eternal came out last year and, from the looks of it, it was a really profitable game for Bethesda. According to id Software’s former product manager, the game generated over $450 million in revenue in its first 9 months.


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What’s interesting here is that Doom Eternal does not feature any microtransactions. So yeah, this game performed incredibly well for both id Software and Bethesda.

For what it’s worth, Doom Eternal sold 3 times more than Doom 2016 at launch. Furthermore, the game was review bombed when id Software implemented the Denuvo Anti-Cheat system. Thankfully, the team reacted fast and removed it via another update.

Doom Eternal puts you in control of the DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons. Players will experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as they rip and tear their way across dimensions. Additionally, the game has ten times higher geometric detail than its predecessor.

Before closing, there is still no word on when id Software will add support for Ray Tracing. In July 2019, id Software claimed that it was experimenting with Ray Tracing. However, the team never promised to add these effects at launch. Still, there is no word yet on when – and if – id Software will add them to the game.

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