Doom Eternal-2

DOOM Eternal will support Ray Tracing

During Giant Bomb’s latest videocast, id Software’s Marty Stratton confirmed that DOOM Eternal will support Ray Tracing. Now this caught us off guard as both NVIDIA and id Software have not announced anything yet about DOOM Eternal.

As Marty Stratton said when asked about RTX:

“RTX makes it look, you know, amazing. There are great benefits but it doesn’t necessarily expand our audience or that the way that the way that something like Stadia does so, but absolutely people can look forward to DOOM Eternal and id Tech 7 supporting ray tracing. Absolutely. I mean we love that stuff, the team loves it and I think we’ll do it better than anybody honestly.”

Back in May 2019, NVIDIA and id Software confirmed that the next Wolfenstein game, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, will support real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA’s Adaptive Shading. We don’t know whether DOOM Eternal will also support Adaptive Shading, though chances are really high at this point.

DOOM Eternal is powered by id Tech 7 and already looks amazing. Given the fact that the first DOOM game ran extremely well on a wide range of graphics card, we seriously hope that id Software will use Ray Tracing for multiple graphical effects and not just for Reflections. Metro Exodus saw tremendous benefits with its ray-traced Global Illumination solution so here is hoping that id Software will use similarly Ray Tracing in both DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

You can find Marty’s statement about RTX here.