DOOM – Advanced Graphics Options Revealed – Includes Colorblind, Sharpening & Max FPS

The closed beta phase of DOOM is under way and PC gamers have managed to somehow access the game’s locked Advanced Graphics settings. And we are happy to report that id Software has included one hell of options to tweak, including a colorblind option. PC gamers will be also able to set their max FPS up to 144fps, and there are options for both Chromatic Aberration and Sharpening.

Going into more details, PC gamers will be able to adjust the following settings:

  • Graphics API
  • Max Frames Per-Second
  • Lights Quality
  • Shading Quality
  • Shadows Quality
  • Post Process Quality
  • Particles Quality
  • Effects Quality
  • Directional Occlusion Quality
  • Reflections Quality
  • Texture Filtering
  • Motion Blur Amount
  • Sharpening Amount
  • Chromatic Aberration Amount
  • Lens Flare
  • Virtual Texturing Page Size
  • Virtual Texturing Cache Size
  • Virtual Texturing Compression
  • Virtual Texturing Max PFF

DOOM releases on May 13th!