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Dolmen will be the first game to support Intel XeSS on May 20th [UPDATE]

Massive Work Studio has confirmed that its upcoming game, Dolmen, will support Intel’s new AI upscaling technique, XeSS, at launch. Additionally, the game will support the latest version of DLSS, as well as AMD FSR 1.0.

Massive Work Studio has also stated that it plans to add support for AMD FSR 2.0 in the future. As such, Dolmen will be the first game to support all these three different upscaling techniques.

Dolmen is a new action RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror elements. The game casts players onto a hostile alien world known as Revion Prime. Your objective is to bring back samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties, called Dolmen.

Dolmen will release on May 20th.

Dolmen - Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Massive Work Studio now claims that the game won’t support Intel’s XeSS at launch.

“We have some sad news to share today with Intel GPU fans, there will be no XeSS super-resolution launch this week.”