Dino D-Day Update Released

800 North and Digital Ranch released today a new update for their multiplayer team-based first-person action video game, Dino D-Day and as always, this update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. Dino D-Day is total conversion modification on the Valve Corporation’s proprietary Source engine and is set in 1942 during World War II. Oh, and it features dinosaurs as the title suggests. You can view the entire changelog after the jump.
Dino D-Day Update Changelog:
-Changed default T-Rex spawn to 1. This is controlled by a console variable. Server admins, if you want to add more T-Rexs change “sv_trex_spawn_count” to whatever number you want.
-No MG42 hints for Trigger or the Stygimoloch.
-Slight nerf for the Desmatosuchus (tank dinosaur). Splash damage has a smaller radius now.
-Desmatosuchus can no longer shoot through walls.
-Desmatosuchus can no longer do splash damage through spawn doors.
-Auto-glow for medics (when teammates are hurt) now goes on when the teammate is below 50% health. It was 25% before.
-Glow outlines on player’s no longer display when players leave PVS. This addressed “ghost” outlines that hung around sometimes.
-Eliminated bugs related to the T-Rex spawn which screwed up the camera.
-Trigger and the Stygimoloch can no longer toss teammates with their melee attack.
-T-Rex’s no longer get healed by Area of Effect healthkits.
-Slight increase in frequency of pain sounds (so you hear them more often).
-PIAT rounds no longer collide with teammates right after they’re fired.
-Fixed bug where capture message stayed up across level loads.
-Raptors can now be shot off of teammates after a pounce. To balance, the raptor does more damage on the initial pounce.
-T-Rex bite revamped which should greatly improve the ability to eat downed players.
-Overhauled the Medic heal function. Now, the heal function is connected to the medkit itself. Medkits can be thrown out with a left-click. But if you go up to a player and right click a heal effect will be “applied” instantaneously.
-Server passwords should work now.
-Bolt-action world animations for K98.
-Fixed bug where newspaper stayed up for spectating players after a round change.
-Fixed some ugly text formatting on various HUD elements.
-Fixed MP40 and MP44 rate of fire issues.
-Some new audio courtesy of a Dino D-Day community member.