DICE’s Rendering Architect to talk in GDC2012; new terrain talk about what DICE has been working on since for FB2

GDC2012 starts in almost 5 weeks and DICE’s rendering architect, Johan Andersson, has revealed that DICE will attend and he will talk about the terrain system in Frostbite 2 as it was applied in Battlefield 3. According to GDC’s schedule, session is partitioned into three parts. The first part consists the scalability aspects, while the second will be focussed towards workflow aspects and describe how DICE has achieved full in-game realtime editing.
Last but not least, Andersson will look at the runtime side and will go into depth about the flexible streaming system that works with both FPS and driving games.
This is all good, albeit a bit techy for most casual gamers, but we are really looking forward to it. Frostbite 2.0 is an amazing engine and we can’t wait to see some hints about any new additions that Andersson – and his team – has implemented to it.