DICE needs to be more pro-active with their updates, incoming BF3 Patch release date tomorrow

DICE and Electronic Arts have gone silent after revealing the changelog of the upcoming major update for Battlefield 3. And although there is no ETA as of yet, Daniel Matros has just revealed that he might be able to drop the patch date tomorrow. Not only that, but Daniel feels that DICE should be more pro-active when it comes to such things.
As Daniel said when a fan asked whether he received community love when he tweeted that he’d would drop the patch date tomorrow:
“We need to be more proactive with these kinds of things”
Damn straight right.
In other news, Daniel revealed that frag rounds will be nerfed in the coming patch.
As we said, there is no ETA yet but Daniel had previously hinted that the patch could hit streets in late March. Even if the patch doesn’t get released in March though, we do know that it will be deployed before the arrival of the first DLC, Close Quarters, that is currently planned for June.
You can find the huge changelog of this upcoming BF3 Update here.
Stay tuned for more!