DICE is working on Mirror’s Edge 2

Great news for all Mirror’s Edge fans as Ben Cousins, general manager of ngmoco Sweden and former executive producer of the Battlefield franchise, has tweeted that DICE is currently working on Mirror’s Edge 2. Yeap, no more rumors, no more speculations. This is as official as it can get. Mirror’s Edge 2 is happening as we speak.
As Ben Cousins tweeted:
“It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE.”
Earlier yesterday, OXM, has posted an interesting story from an interview with EA Games vice-president Patrick Soderlund, in which Soderlund stated that EA does not want to be turned into a ‘Battlefield factory’. After all, if EA wanted something like that, a lot of DICE’s employees would simple step away from it.
“The minute we start saying ‘you’re going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life’, they’re going to go some place else,” he pointed out. “So for them to make great Battlefield games there need to be other things for them to do as well. That’s why we have people who move around quite a bit. And then obviously we have a boatload of people that just want to make Battlefield because they love it.”
So there you have it everyone, Mirror’s Edge 2 is happening as we speak.
Let’s hope that DICE won’t mess it up and that it will be as cool – and beautiful – as its first part!