Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC no longer region locked in Europe

Publishers and developers, take note from Square Enix and EIDOS as this is exactly what you should be doing when there is a lot of negative discussion about a new and controversial feature of your games. Earlier this week we reported that Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s PC version would be region locked. Well, time to relax everyone as EIDOS has just announced that the game won’t be region locked in Europe after all.
This is according to EIDOS’ community manager, Jason Walker. As Jason wrote at EIDOS’ forums:
“We’re aware of some discussion regarding the planned region-locking of boxed PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and after careful review we have decided not to implement this in the UK/Europe. Please note, this plan only related to PC boxed games, and not digital or console editions.”
Well done Square Enix and EIDOS, this is indeed great news for us PC gamers. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released in a couple of days on PC, X360 and PS3!