Ancestors Legacy feature

Destructive Creations has added modding support and dedicated servers to Ancestors Legacy

1C Entertainment and Destructive Creations have added modding support to Ancestors Legacy through Steam Workshop. Ancestors Legacy is using Unreal Engine 4 and, as far as I know, this is one of the few UE4 games that offer official modding tools.

Mod Support will enable players to modify and add a number of things to the base game. Therefore, modders will be able to add or modify maps, characters, animations, game balance, nations, audio, buildings and more.

According to the press release, the development team will keep on improving the modding kit. For this reason, the kit will only be available to the game’s Beta version.

Together with Mod Support, the Destructive Creations team have also released dedicated servers available for everyone that owns Ancestors Legacy.

Have fun!