Destiny 2 reported to sell 3 million units on the PC in its first 3 months

SuperData has issued a press release, claiming that by analyzing historical data and their proprietary analytics-based metric system, Destiny 2 will sell 3 million units on the PC in its first 3 months. As such, SuperData expects Destiny 2 to become the best-selling premium PC game since Overwatch.

As the press release reads, SuperData evaluated the performance of Destiny 1 on console and how it compared to other AAA titles that launched during the same time period. The forecast also takes into account the expected early September launch date of the title, the impact of a Battlenet release on PC and macro-level digital download trends.

This analysis comes from the newly released SuperData Forecaster, which provides a quantitative analysis of historical sell-through across 500+ titles, enabling a more accurate estimate of future success for upcoming titles. The Forecaster takes into consideration the franchise historically as well as publisher, genre, sales for previous titles, total monthly active users and critic’s reviews, among other factors that influence sales performance.

Sam Barberie, Vice President of Product and Business Development at SuperData Research, said:

“As the buzz around specific titles continues to grow within the digital gaming industry as a whole, the Forecaster offers a unique starting point for those thinking about sales scenarios. By pairing this with the SuperData Arcade, the digital gaming industry can now have a clearer picture of what drives sales success and how their future releases could gain an advantage.”