Resident Evil Code Veronica Fan Remake

New Resident Evil: Code Veronica Fan Remake video shows off the Spencer Manor

Resident Evil fans, here is something for you today. In January 2022, we informed you about a fan remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica. And earlier this week, the team released a brand new in-engine video, showcasing the Spencer Manor.

Created by Matt Croft, Briins Croft and DarkNemesisUmbrella, this fan project will feature 3D environments and a third-person perspective.

According to its description, Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake will feature two modes: Remake and Classic. The Remake Mode will feature a third-person camera and faithful expanded scenarios. On the other hand, the Classic Mode will have fixed camera angles like the original game. As such, this project will attempt to satisfy both old-school fans and newcomers.

The game also promises to feature new cinematics, new gameplay mechanics, expanded scenarios and puzzles, and save rooms. Not only that, but the team will be using Claire’s highly detailed 3D model from Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Unfortunately, there is still no ETA on when this fan remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica will come out.