Dead Space Franchise Is Going Down Due To Low Sales – UPDATE – EA & Visceral Deny It

Dead Space
Abandon ship everyone; Dead Space 4 is going down. It seems that the franchise has been canned – or put on hold – as Videogamer reported that Dead Space 4’s development has been ceased. The reason behind this act? Dead Space 3’s low sales. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, we all saw that coming with that micro-transaction thing that EA tried to pull off. What is really funny here is that EA wants to add micro-transactions to almost all of its titles, so it will be interesting to see how things unfold.
Although Dead Space 3’s Executive Producer stated that the PC version would be a simple console port and nothing more, we have to give kudos to Visceral Studios for offering a nice product overall.
Dead Space 3 runs amazingly well on the PC, looks good and is not taxing at all. Well okay, we’d definitely welcome some PC exclusive features – as the X360 version received some exclusive Kinect features. Let’s not forget that the game’s Executive Producer’s lied about offering the same gameplay experience on all platforms.
Another thing that really disappointed all Dead Space fans was the fact that this third part was more action oriented than its predecessors. Dead Space was always about horror and fear, and this third part has abandoned those roots. Visceral Studios wanted to offer a more cinematic and streamlined experience, something that most fans hated. Guess they should stick with the game’s formula.
But anyway, Dead Space has been put on hold – most probably – and EA has not commented on this story as of yet.
EA and Visceral Games denied Videogamer’s report. According to Dino Ignacio, UI Lead at Dead Space, said that all those reports of Visceral’s death were greatly exaggerated. Moreover, Ian Milham, creative director at EA and ex-art director on Dead Space, said that almost nothing in that Videogamer article is true. Last but not least, EA’s US PR team told Eurogamer that they are proud of the game and that the franchise remains an important IP to EA.