Darker colors in Diablo 3; FXAA Injector saves the day for those seeking for a grittier look

Admit it, you were disappointed with Blizzard’s decision to include brighter colors in Diablo 3. We bet that most of you wanted a grittier look and here comes FXAA Injector to save the day. In case the name rings any bell, we informed you about this Skyrim mod a few days ago as it enhances the game’s graphics with some amazing results. YouTube user ‘Pyloneer’ went ahead, tweaked and got it working for Blizzard’s hack n slash, so make sure to get it while you still can. We should note that at this point, we are not 100% sure if something like this is allowed by Blizzard or whether they count it as a “hack or cheat”. So use it at your own risk.
All you have to do is download the mod from here, extract its contents into the root directory of your Diablo 3 install, start the game and turn off/on the effect using the Pause key on your keyboard and voila.
Here is also a video that showcases tha changes that were made to Diablo 3 via this mod. Enjoy!
Darker colors in Diablo 3 (Direct3D filter) darkd3.com