Dark Souls PC is entirely up to Namco Bandai says From Software

In a recent interview with GameTrailers, Masanori Takeuchi, head of R&D at From Software, revealed that From Software is aware of the high demand for a PC version of Dark Souls. Not only that, but Masanori said that the port is entirely up to Namco Bandai. This is definitely something new, as there were big concerns this entire time about From Software’s knowledge of the PC hardware and whether they could actually port the game or not. According to Masanori, if Namco Bandai decides to port the game, it will be ported. Plain and simple.
As Masanori told GameTrailers when he was asked about a future PC version of Dark Souls:
“That’s going to be a decision left up to the publisher, Bandai Namco, but yes, we have seen the comments and we do know of the desire for a PC version.”
The ball is now on Namco’s court. A couple of weeks ago, Namco was looking for dinopoke, the man who started the Dark Souls PC petition. Our guess back then was that Namco wanted to get in touch with him to verify his identity and thank him at the game’s credits. Well…that is if there actually is a PC version of Dark Souls.
Could we be close to an official announcement? Stay tuned for more!