Dark Souls PC Update Report- Something is going on in the background… or not?

Red alert everyone, we have some slight news – if you can call it that way – for Dark Souls PC. It’s been a while since our last coverage and – as we predicted – the petition didn’t manage to hit the 100K mark. Namco BANDAI and From Software decided to remain silent, until now. Namco’s administrator, shoupinou, revealed that he is still following the topic, though he has no rights to tell anything about Namco’s plans. And here is the interesting thing. Shoupinou is looking to get in touch with the starter of the Dark Souls PC petition. Why is this interesting you ask? Keep reading.
We do know that Namco wouldn’t be aware of the high demand for the PC version of Dark Souls if there wasn’t that particular petition. Although it didn’t manage to hit the 100K mark, it did get 87500 sign-ups. In other words, this is one of the most successful petitions ever and Namco was shocked by its media coverage and its support from all PC gamers.
So, why is Namco looking for the topic starter? Our guess is that the company wants to include him in the game’s credits. This is the only possible reason why they’d want to get in touch with him. We can’t possibly think any other reason and let’s not forget that this is the first time that a company has asked, publically, a petition starter to get in touch with them.
Something is definitely going on in the background, so there is no reason to lose hope PC gamers. If this is anything to go by, we can safely assume that an announcement will be made really soon.
So stay tuned for more!